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Three Haiku
The road that I walk
Is paved with tribulations;
Some one please help me.
I am locked inside,
This box is keeping me sane;
The doors are locked tight.
I have been released.
I am a visionary.
I still see them now.
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One Sentence
And if I were to follow you,
Down to the depths to which you seem to drag me,
Ever and ever and ever head-long hurtling into a facade that is
Regurgitated countless times by the mouth of the beast,
I wonder who would come out on top in the grappling match
That is,
That was,
That forever will be,
Ever and ever and ever,
Turning, turning, turning;
We have become a sobriquet
For love,
For Struggle,
For ever and ever and ever.
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Gone Back
I could not last through;
I have gone back on my word.
I will try to try again for naught.
Gone back through that place,
So cold, I miss you now more than I ever have.
Never did I think I'd regress so far,
After all, it was such a long way down;
Who knew I wasn't afraid to cliff-dive,
A crescendo to this going back through this place.
Oh well,
Time to try again.
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The air rushes by,
Not letting me hold it in;
Trapped in the machine.
Shooting back and forth,
One direction in, one out;
Trapped in the machine.
I am a cog-wheel.
I cannot think for myself;
Trapped in the machine.
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Thought I knew it all.
Theories come crashing around;
My head is spinning.
All I have known now
Is shattered beyond repair;
No tools can fix this.
Numbness now controls,
Green of life now turned to stone;
I am now a stone.
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Haiku 1
Ice flows through cracks;
Flood gates open, death of green.
I can't feel my face.
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There are spines like arrows on my DNA;
Biological alchemy transmuting my being.
Fibers torn and sewn by a makeshift tailor,
A seamstress of darkest night repairing to her perfect image.
Pre-owned electrical impulses course along my veins,
Sharpened by shrapnel of the way things used to be.
Barbed wire encases me in a comatose state
Waiting for the transformation to finish its cycle.
This new world blinds me with incandescent suns,
Irradiating me to the point of combustion.
Necessitating reformation on molecular planes.
I want to go home.
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Secret meetings in blinding day.
He disappears and reappears;
Apparition of flesh and blood,
Concrete as the tension given by this reunion
Traversing green lawns to glaring façade.
He conducts us through caverns called a home.
Hammers strike wire continuously,
Calling forth a dissonance as otherworldly as his joy.
Mounting stairs to flashes of blinding color.
He throws his wealth across the room,
Giving glimpses of grandeur and beauty;
Glimpses causing a wonder like his.
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Get Out
Go far away from here.
I cannot bear the sight of you.
You are the bane of my existence.
You are the universe;
Sucking the oxygen out of my body,
Crushing me in upon myself,
Then tearing the life from my limbs.
You are the darkness that comes before the dawn.
You encroach upon my soul mercilessly,
not caring where your feet tread;
The boots of a thousand marching soldiers,
Ready to do battle across the front lines of my psyche.
Constantly desecrated,
My mind has grown weak,
Has shrunk,
almost to small now
even for me to hear my self think.
My thoughts were clear,
reflective of my inner feelings.
But now that mirror has become too small for the both of us to share.
So get out.
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The Gambler
society's blinding ideals drip like acid from Your ruby lips;
    lips that used to be pale, but didn't care.
You would say what You really felt;
     a tongue as sharp as any blade
     that would sink opinions into the hearts of Your adversaries.
     You would hear me out, let me vent.
but that was a different You.
not You, no.
but not You.
She would say whatever she wanted.
She would hear me out until the end.
but not You.
She is gone and You stand alone among the wreckage of Her.
You surround yourself with false friends and falser ideals.
i'd bet my job You aren't like Her.
i'd bet my savings that You wouldn't hear me out,
     but She would.
i'd bet my ideal that She is never coming back.
     You are all th
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You've changed.
I can see it in the way that you dress,
Hear it in the words that roll of your ruby lips;
     Lips that used to be free from society's blinding image.
I can taste it in the atmosphere you bring.
     It's bitter.
Or is that just me?
     Is it me that's bitter you've moved on?
     Bitter that false friends preaching false ideals
     Have seeped into your mind?
Have you just phased me out?
Or is it really just you?
     Are you bitter because i still feel us friends?
Well, don't you worry.
     'Cause I don't anymore.
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You have been running from this for your entire life.
You cannot even begin to fathom the depth of the reality of your situation.
You wish that every soul on this planet would forget your past.
But no one has, have they?
You have been cast away by your own creations.
Nothing wishes to claim you as Master any more.
A puppeteer you were,
But your puppets had steel guitar stings
Embedded into your spine
That ricocheted fractal melodies off the concrete walls.
You were so caught up in the net of silken lies
Spun by your black widow ego that you
lost touch with the satellite ears of humanity.
You disowned your mistakes,
The countless children of constant experimentation.
And now you are not even human.
Because if our mistakes make us human,
And we try cover up our humanity with the makeup of the modern world,
We have nothing.
We become nothing.
Because without our humanity,
What can we have.
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Contests Around dA -WIN $1000 + YEARS of Subs!
:+favlove: Please Fave the News Article (To the left) :+fav:
Welcome to the sixth volume of Contests Around dA, written by TimberClipse!
Previous Volumes:
:bulletwhite:Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5:bulletwhite:


There are a lot of contests around dA these days, chances to win points, subscriptions, art and more!
But many are hard to hear about and some you must watch the contest's owner to even know about!
So this news article will be published weekly to let you know about them and to give publicity to them!


Advertising Participating Groups:
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:icontimberclipse:TimberClipse 299 48
Turn Back Time: A Contest
Hello, lovelies!
After much consideration, I decided it was about time that I host another contest (: I know, it's exciting XD
Right off the bat, I should mention that this is a literature contest. Sorry to all the photographers/drawers/etc out there! (:
The prompt is this: Write a piece about your (or a character's) biggest regret and what you (or the character) would do if you were given the chance to go back in time. What would be changed?
So, you can either write a nonfiction piece or a completely fictional piece. As long as it has those two elements (the regret and what would be changed) it qualifies. But it has to have those two elements.
Make sense? Hopefully!
*Only literature pieces allowed. Poetry, prosetry, prose, and everything in between is welcome (:
*Each participator can submit up to two pieces.
*Length wise:
Poetry no more than 41 lines.
Prose no more than 2500 words.
*The pieces have to be written during the duration of the contest, so from 
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Not posting regularly, that's where.

School and work and such took a hold of me and threw me away from
my writing for a while, but now I am back (ish) with a whole slew of new stories to tell and the like, along with a few other projects I'd like to start up.

So, keep a look-out, and as always, thanks for being patient,

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